Analysis of scientific discourse about the phenomenon of human potential: value and meaning components

The article is devoted to the analysis of scientific discourse about the phenomena of human potential and human capital in the scientific space of modern interdisciplinary research. The article reveals the content of the concept of human potential, presents the results of a scientometric analysis of the publication field on this issue, based on a sample of 529 of the most relevant articles posted in the ScienceDirect database in 2014-2024. In the process of network analysis, the presence of 8 research areas that make up clusters in modern studies of the content and characteristics of human potential was revealed. It has been recorded that in the structure of scientific discourse in modern foreign science, human potential is not fully correlated with the spiritual and moral component, values, but is interpreted mainly in the context of mental health, physical health and physical activity, longevity, increasing the level of education, sustainable development. While in domestic science human potential is correlated with the intensive development of the concept of human-oriented management.