Human-oriented management: from empirical research to systematic activities

For many years, enterprise management processes have been taken over only with the priority of improving the products quality, the introduction of a rational management system for production processes, the use of three-shift operation in practice, the intensification of production processes, but also with a response to modern challenges, etc. Management decisions in this case are situational, reflecting the production-time conditionality of the strategy and tactics of enterprise development. As a result, the development of human potential is belated, which leads to a inconsistency between the actions of various professionally-qualification and status groups of personnel, the material losses and the inefficiency of the use of modern equipment and technologies. The article focuses on practice and empirically substantiates the need for attention to a human-oriented management as a special resource for increasing the efficiency of social production.

For citation: Potemkin V.K. Human-oriented management: from empirical research to systematic activities. "Telescope": Journal of Sociological and Marketing Research. 2023. N. 2. P. 6-11. DOI:10.24412/1994-3776-2023-2-6-11

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