Sociology of history: the search for the "right" view of the "wrong" history

History is a legitimate subject field of sociological research. Here the sociologist is trying to find an answer to such a seemingly simple question about how certain historical events are imprinted in the public consciousness. It is important for a sociologist to find out how the attitude to these events has changed over time. A sociologist on the margins of history is trying to assess the web of myths, ideologies, values with which these events were loaded by its participants and their descendants. Any historical event always has multi-layered interpretations, depending on the system of dominant values. The author states that there is always a "correct history" in any society, and all other historical descriptions are declared "not correct", that is, falsifications. This division of the historical field is determined by the image of the future, under which the "correct" history is built. The article contains empirical material belonging to the author.

For citation: Ovsyannikov A. Sociology of history: the search for the "right" view of the "wrong" history. "Telescope": Journal of Sociological and Marketing Research. 2022. N. 2. P. 110-117. DOI:10.51692/1994-3776-2022-2-110-117