Modeling the process of human resources management in the context of employee satisfaction with the labor process

The problems of implementing and strengthening the personnel potential of organizations have always been recognized as relevant in modern society, while the solution of these problems most often remained in the sphere of regulatory conditions for social security of labor activity. However, the increasing importance of the social development of personnel has become a generally recognized fact and has led to the popularization of the concept of corporate culture, which fundamentally changes the attitude towards employees and assumes a different philosophy of personnel management based on considering their individual values and needs, promoting personal and professional development and providing social support. At the same time, practice shows that the humanistic concept has a beneficial effect on the personnel potential of enterprises, since it transforms the complex of labor resources into one of the types of capital that acts as an important competitive advantage. In this article, the theoretical foundations of the study of the processes of managing the satisfaction of employees of enterprises in modern conditions were considered. In addition, the results of an empirical study of the practice of personnel satisfaction management and the actual level of employee satisfaction of three enterprises different in their type of activity: large industrial, small industrial and non-industrial. Also, based on the study, a model of problematic aspects of managing employee satisfaction with working conditions was formed, which includes three levels: institutional, organizational-administrative and methodological. A model of human resource management of enterprises in the context of satisfaction with working conditions was developed, the purpose of which was to reflect the most suitable standard human resource management structure for Russian business, which allows to fully consider the satisfaction factor and ensure its improvement.

For citation: Mishlanova N. Modeling the process of human resources management in the context of employee satisfaction with the labor process. "Telescope": Journal of Sociological and Marketing Research. 2022. N. 2. P. 54-61. DOI:10.51692/1994-3776-2022-2-54-61