Young people's attitudes towards vaccinations

This article reveals the acute and contradictory problem today - the problem of vaccination. This topic is constantly raised by authors and sociologists in their works, and bloggers on the Internet do not get tired of discussing about this, each side has its own truth, which is propagated by representatives of different points of view on social networks and not only. "Vaccinate or not?" Is a question that for several years has tormented many parents, and just people who are serious about their own health. The article also presents the results of a sociological study on the topic "Young people's attitude to vaccinations" conducted by me in March 2021. And in conclusion, some recommendations are given that, in my opinion, will help all people interested in the topic of vaccination to understand and still answer themselves to the question that is now almost global in importance - "Do you need to get vaccinated?".

For citation: Rukina M. Young people's attitudes towards vaccinations. "Telescope": Journal of Sociological and Marketing Research. 2021. N. 3. P. 139-145. DOI:10.51692/1994-3776_2021_3_139

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