Igor Kon: «You Can’t Hide Anything From History». From Email Correspondence With I.S. Kon. Part II. 2007-2008

This article provides the second part of my six-year correspondence with I. S. Kon. It began in April 2005 and broke off on March 5, 2011, shortly before Kon's death. The first publication contained 39 letters for 2005-2006, in the period under review, 2007-2008, we exchanged 107 letters. First of all, Kon's letters provide an opportunity to get actory of Russian sociology. In addition, they show his attitude to the facts and the nature of his assessments of his colleagues' activities as well as his ethics of historical search. I emphasize that this is not about the general theoretical arguments of Kon, but about examples of his discussion of specific, very difficult scientific and ethical situations.